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Trifast now has established a stronger international profile and reputation which will be further enhanced by the ambitious activities of our international sales teams going forward

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Typical roll-out of sales to multi-nationals

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In a very competitive world the levels of service and support that we give our customers are very important. The true value of the Vendor Managed Inventory systems (VMI) giving lean build cannot be underestimated eliminating costs in holding and managing product and reducing the vendor base all have an intrinsic value to the customer.

The way we handle new parts/business introduction has been modelled on the TS 16949 AQPQ process and we have fully trained NPI personnel controlling this key area at all hub sites. This ensures that we meet feasibility criteria, time lines, and eliminate risk to either our Company or our customers. This is a global programme so that we have a consistent process with the same customer irrespective of where they are serviced.

Project Management is a key area of sales development. Managing enquiries where the same parts are required on three continents to multiple sites for the same OEM are now common, as the OEMs try to leverage their group usages and spends. To coordinate these across the TR business takes special skills. This involves logistics and finance teams input, an in depth understanding of freight and duty tariffs on product being sourced, managing currencies and preparing quotations tailored to encompass all of these factors. The global enquiry portal developed by TR personnel in-house is the central repository that is used as a common platform in the business and tracks all aspects of the quotation. We also have project managers on the Strategic team who work with sales, sourcing, quality and logistics in preparing the final quotations. This has proved to be very successful, and is a key component of new business development.

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Chris Black TR Global Sales

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Ron Vlutters TR Holland

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Roberto Bianchi TR Sweden

The website is now in over 15 languages while mini sites have also been created off of the main site to specifically focus on certain countries.

Traditionally, the electronics/telecom sector has been the largest sector within the TR Group (see Group sales by sector). Automotive has now overtaken electronics, this sector taught us, during the first decade of this century, how to follow this business globally as parts were transitioned to lower cost countries, or where we had assisted in the design of parts and were therefore the approved vendor. The ASEAN Region is of particular interest to us as we have eight manufacturing and distribution sites in this area. There are real benefits for companies setting up in this region, especially if product is manufactured within the 11 countries signed up to the ASEAN trade agreement.

One of the key strategies employed within both sectors is to network out to more locations of the same group as the hard work at corporate level will already have been completed, and we understand their business needs and requirements. TR’s global positioning enables us to do this, and the Strategic Teams work with the local TR sites to assist in securing the contracts at local level. Working within the design centres is key, and we have a preference when recruiting to employ more engineers who also possess a commercial aptitude. Product can be designed with an OEM in America, but the production volumes are then potentially required in China, Mexico, India, Slovakia and Thailand. Truly a ‘World of Opportunity’.

The TR European locations servicing the automotive Tier 1’s are strategically sited close to the manufacturing clusters e.g. North East for Nissan related business, Manchester for the Liverpool sites, Birmingham for the Midlands, Holland for the German and middle European plants, and Sweden for the Scandinavian and Russian market.

China is also a target market area of focus. A number of the platform builds we supply into for JLR, Nissan and Volvo will now be replicated in China. We are in many cases the approved vendor, and are perfectly positioned to manage this business from our established sites in China the builds and the quality requirements. PSEP in Malaysia and VIC in Italy and their integration into the TR family has further strengthened our position in the marketplace.

‘It’s all about the opportunities ahead’