Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd

Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd

Lancaster Fastener – a brand that is synonymous with exceptional standards of quality and customer service to distributors across the globe

Sam Wilson, Managing Director

Lancaster Fastener is recognised throughout the European distribution trade as a specialist importer and stockist of small diameter (12mm and below) industrial threaded fasteners. Successfully trading within the fastener industry for over 30 years, Lancaster Fastener has developed a brand that is synonymous with exceptional standards of quality and customer service.

Product ranges are sourced from ‘Quality Assured’ manufacturers and subsequently supplied to a network of fastener distributors throughout 31 countries worldwide.

Lancaster Fastener supply many of the leading European fastener distribution groups as well as offering support to many of the smaller distribution companies across Europe. Lancaster’s position in the market forms an essential supporting stock interface between the distributor and the Asian manufacturer, reacting largely to the infill demands of the industry.

‘Excellence’ in customer service, warehousing and distribution

From over 2,500 tonnes of stock, comprising over 5,000 product lines, customers are offered a fast and efficient carton service supported by an excellence in European Logistics. Customers in the UK are offered a next-day delivery service and a well established relationship with a reputed logistics operator has allowed Lancaster Fastener to develop a delivery network throughout Europe. Daily collections from Lancaster are forwarded to a central European hub within 24 hours and then on through a delivery network to destinations throughout Mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Typical transit times throughout Europe are 2–5 days from receipt of order.

From 30,000 sq ft custom-built premises with high rise racking, Lancaster Fastener operate one of the most sophisticated and streamlined warehouses in the industry. Customer satisfaction is ascribed the utmost importance and great emphasis is placed upon effective communication with customers in order to meet their specific requirements. With a predominant customer base that extends throughout Europe, this high level of communication is achieved by the linguistic abilities of Lancaster’s international sales team, which comprises German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish speakers.

Building year-on-year

Lancaster Fastener continues to grow organically through expanding its European customer base and by introducing new size additions to their product range. Through Lancaster’s focus on its sales and marketing strategies, the Company has seen growth in its traditional business and added new activities from the new and emerging markets around the Globe.

Ongoing investment in technology and sales intelligence assists Lancaster Fastener to further increase the size availability of its product ranges by bringing customer demand to the fore. Lancaster Fastener’s continual aim is to be respected by its customers by exceeding expectations and providing outstanding performance in every aspect of their business.

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