Operations & HR

Operations -model

With the 'World of Opportunity' strong momentum continues so it is essential that we ensure our people and processes are more than capable of rising to and meeting the challenge. Our focus is on key initiatives that will provide TR with the competitive edge through;

  • Continuous Improvement Programme
  • HR — Performance Management & Training

The Core Competencies are*:

  1. Professional and Ethical Standards
  2. Communication
  3. Customer Service
  4. Self-Motivation
  5. Decision Making
  6. Creativity and Innovation
  7. Leadership
  8. Managing and Developing Staff
  9. Project Planning
  10. Strategic/Operational Planning

As an organisation we believe that our current initiatives clearly demonstrate a 'joined up thinking' approach to our strategy. This culture is delivering sustainable high performances from both our people and processes; our future development will flow to and from our people and processes through their own development ideas and opportunities.

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Executive and Senior Management

Executive and senior management

Senior People - Asia

Senior People - Asia

Senior People - Europe, UK and USA

Senior People - Europe, UK and USA

All other employees

All other employees


Warehouse trainee

Warehouse office

Office worker

TR’s Apprenticeship Scheme launched in 2012 continues to go from strength to strength with new apprentices coming through our dedicated training scheme.

Take a look at the progress of our young TR people.........we are immensely proud of their achievements; all of them are great examples of new staff who have committed to learning and training, and their hard work and dedication is an asset to us as a business – both from a local and international perspective.

Leadership Programme

The Leadership modules launched in 2013 brings together on a monthly basis eight location heads from the UK and Ireland. 

Aims of the programme

  • To drive joint initiatives through the UK and Ireland
  • To further develop leadership skills
  • To develop and implement ‘Best Practice’ across the UK and Ireland
  • To build and enhance relationships with peers and functional heads

Overall objective

  • To create a highly skilled and unified team to manage change and deliver business success across the UK and Ireland

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