TR branded products

Part of TR’s strategy has been to develop its ‘TR Branded’ portfolio through securing licences, patents and trademarks

TR supplies over 5,000 companies from all walks of industry around the globe. Many of these are from industries that require specific needs in both product and quality requirements-our job is to meet these through the extent of our product range and scope of our quality certification, and to have the ‘TR Brand’ recognised globally as the premier brand in fasteners.

The ‘TR Branded’ portfolio through securing licences, patents and trademarks is building on its lead position as the authority in fasteners by owning the brands, controlling manufacturing, distribution and quality which clearly underpins part of Trifast's strategy.

TR supplies over 150 million components daily to:-

  • small workshops through to global corporations
  • sheet metal fabricators through to plastic moulders and next generation technologies and
  • micro screws for the electronics industry through to weld nuts for automotive applications

TR’s own range of fastener solutions for specific industries and applications include fasteners for sheet metal, fasteners for plastic, security fasteners, thread-locking nuts and micro-diameter fasteners.

Let’s take a look at some of our lead brands:

Pozidriv®, was originally marketed in the UK by GKN. Today, the Pozidriv® drive mechanism is renowned worldwide as an industry standard as well as being widely recognised within both the trade and DIY retail markets

Polymate is a trademark for “Screws for Plastics” acquired from EIS (Formally GKN)

Binx is the trademark for the unique all metal reusable self-locking nuts acquired from Brown Brothers Engineering and invented by a Mr Binks

Hank is the TR Fastenings brand for sheet metal fasteners. These are principally rivet bushes and self clinch products. TR bought the Hank brand from GKN, originally an adaptation of Hall and Kay Engineering, the inventors and original patent holders of the Rivet Bush

In recent years Trifast has invested in a number of manufacturing licences.

The principle brand is TR Fastenings with its distinctive logo introduced in the mid-70s and which reflects the unique style and image of the Company.